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“Research group SPI is committed to investigating claims pertaining to UFOs and the Paranormal.  We are an open-minded society who seek answers to the many mysteries which at present elude us.”
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… December 2005 News …

Dear All,


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we at SPI (Strange Phenomena Investigations) have sadly had to cancel the December 17th SPI Meeting/Party. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. Fear not though, we at SPI will be back with a bang next year with a full programme of London lectures.


Marlene and I are looking into a new venue to hold the SPI London lectures for 2006. We have taken on board what our Friends of SPI have said in regards to the current venue. This has been a combination of no parking spaces for people coming by car, and when they do, they end up getting a £50:00 parking ticket slapped on their car. The viewing accessibility is slightly impaired by those two central pillars in the centre of the room. And some of our Friends are finding it a two hour trek to get there on lecture day. Other than that, the current venue is fine and we have a fine host in Madi the landlady. I hope to have a new venue secured for 2006 so please stay tuned and look out for further postings from me.


Sadly we still are looking to secure the services of an SPI web site manager and Editor for our magazine. Again I’m on the case so bear with me on this one. It goes without saying that the SPI web site is vitally important as a vehicle of imparting information from our club to the world.


In closing may I wish each and every one of you, a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I would also like to thank you for your support to SPI during 2005 it is much appreciated.

We at SPI look forward to seeing you at our London lecture programme of 2006. Stay tuned for further details.

Our best wishes to all.

Malcolm Robinson & Marlene Dymore

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