SPI produces its own magazine, Enigmas (formerly SPI Magazine)

Enigmas is now a quarterly magazine, edited and produced by Brian P James.

Publication dates: March, June, September and December

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June 2005

    An Article by Founder of SPI Malcolm Robinson
  • Llantwit Major:
    Psychic Investigation in April 2004 By Jane McCarthy
  • UFO Roundup:
     Sightings Reported to APRA

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March 2005

  • Continuing Presence of Montague Keen
  • H P Lovecraft – Visionary?
  • A Very Different Orb
  • UFO Roundup
  • Spirits caught on Camera?
  • Camera Phone ‘UFOs’
  • Robinson’s Ramblings

December 2004

  • Spirit Orb at SPI Lecture         
  • Tribute to Dr John Mack
  • The Hidden Truth        
  • Boarding the Astral Plane
  • Really the ‘Other Side’?         
  • Psychic Dream Experiments
  • 25 Years of SPI         
  • Delamere Forest Incident

September 2004

  • Signals Received from ET?
  • The Ark of the Covenant
  • Are Ghosts Memories of Who We Were
  • The Moving Orb Photo Myth
  • 4th British Skywatch Report
  • Interview with ‘Nessie Hunter’ Adrian Shine
  • New of the Dark Entertainment Industry
  • 2004 Crop Circle Season Reviewed
  • The Myth of ‘Alien Abductions’

June 2004

  • Mexico UFO Footage
  • Psychoses Article
  • Canal Haunting Case
  • Mysterious Body Markings,
  • Big Cat Diary
  • Sunderland UFO Footage
  • Conspiracy Corner…

March 2004

  • Orbs: Real or Mundane
  • A Scientific Look at Orb Phenomena
  • Re-incarnation – Do We Live Again?
  • UFO Reports; & a New UFO Photo?
  • And much, much more…

December 2003

  • Tripping the Light Fantastic – Hallucinogens and Enlightenment
  • A Very British UFO Hoax – The Untold Story
  • An Evening With the Other Side (Part 2)

June 2003

  • A Phenomenal Day
  • An Evening With The Other Side (Part 1)
  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

April 2003

  • The Comet That Wasn’t There
  • An Unusual Sunrise on 31 May
  • Big Cat at Aston Rowant?
  • Platform Clairvoyance – Feedback