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UFO Related 

www.alienpress.com www.shadowers.com    Two sites run by Dan Brandenburg – includes UFOs, Aliens, Shadows, Paranormal, New Age and much much more…

www.webufo.net   Tim Beckley’s UFO pages – UFOs and aliens from America’s Mr UFO

www.apra.org.uk     Brian James’ Thames Valley-based anomaly research group

www.hufos1.karoo.net   The website of East Yorkshire Encounters – EYE.  Run by Gary Anthony and Chris Evers, who also produce the very good EYE Magazine.

www.mara.org.uk  The website of the Merseyside Anomaly Research Association – MARA.  A very active group, with lots of quality research, and they publish good magazines.

www.ufology.org.uk  The title says it – the Ufology UK website.  Very up to date and useful information about UFOs and Aliens in the UK.

www.ufoworld.co.uk    James Easton’s UFO pages – info on Rendlesham, and a re-examination of many classic cases

www.Interseti.com    Formerly Euroseti – items on UFOs, ETs, etc. – with considerable evidence being sourced from NASA and other space images.

www.unexplainable.net     This site is about unexplainable topics.  It is your job to evaluate and decide what is true and what isn’t.

www.geocities.com/e2wufos/home  Scottish-based E2WUFOS research group, run by Harry Sommerville

www.uforeview.co.uk New UFO website from Russell Callaghan and Philip Mantle

www.ufo-uk-forums.co.uk  UFO News and Forums from Michael Buckley

Paranormal Related

www.assap.org    ASSAP – Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena

www.ghostclub.org.uk    The Ghost Club – founded in 1862, is the oldest organisation in the world associated with psychical research.

www.p-e-g.co.uk    Brian Allen’s Paranormal Encounters Group – Have you had an alarming paranormal experience? Have you encountered UFO’s or unearthly beings? Have you had nightmares that you cannot explain?

www.psychicinvestigators.net   Website with many curious and interesting photographs by Jane and Chris McCarthy, which certainly challenge our own explanations on photographic anomalies!

www.iopr.org.uk     The Institute of Paranormal Research – the title is self-explanatory.

www.paralnoia.com     Investigations into the Paranormal, combining ‘paranormal’ and ‘paranoia’…

www.paranormalghost.com     The Society for Paranormal Investigation – US based research group (specializing in ghost and spirit investigations)

www.paranorm.co.uk     William Southey’s site dedicated to revealing the truth to those who really seek it!

www.phantomorfraud.com     Ross Hemsworth’s scientific study of anomalous phenomena – as seen in TV’s GHOST DETECTIVES series.

www.badpsychics.co.uk     Jon Donnis’ site, with highly objective and critical analysis of claimed paranormal occurrences.

Crop Circle Related

www.cropcircleconnector.com    The Crop Circle Connector – for all the up-to-date information

www.cccs-uk.org    The website of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies – at the forefront of UK crop circle research since the 1980s…

www.lovely.clara.net    Crop Circle Research – very good scientific information by Freddy Silva

www.swirlednews.com     Excellent crop circle related site, run by Andy Thomas of Southern Circular Research – styled as ‘THE’ website for crop circle news…

www.bltresearch.com     For years, the BLT team (Burke, Levengood and Talbott) have been at the forefront of scientific research into the unexplained physical effects found in crop circles…

Alien & ET Related

www.alienhunter.org & www.FirstEvidence.org   Two sites by Darryl Simms, the world’s best-known chaser of evidence of alien artefacts – implants etc.

www.ufos-aliens.co.uk    Cosmic Conspiracies -A vast site for experiencers of UFOs & abductions.  Also plenty of info on other subjects

http://members.iinet.net.au/~starline/  ACERN – Australia Close Encounter Research Network – research sympathetic to all witness experiences, lead by Mary Rodwell.  Recommended!

www.ellisctaylor.com/    Ellis Taylor’s website – Looking Into The Dark Places – Ellis’ observations on the encounter experience.

www.experiencers.net    Karin Holloway’s new experiencer investigation/therapy website, detailing her new initiative of an online course.

www.alienadvice.com   Your chance to get some friendly advice on any variety of strange topics!

Conspiracy Related

www.rense.com   Jeff Rense’s website – very similar material to the above, but perhaps more conspiracy and military oriented.

www.diagnosis2012.co.uk     Many will know of the Mayan ‘End of the World’ prediction for 2012. Find out more at Geoff Stray’s interesting site, with its dire gnosis…

www.fbi.gov    Do the FBI have real X-File’s? Check out for yourself!

www.cia.gov    Also check the CIA website for useful links…

Forteana Related

www.forteantimes.com   Fortean Times – The monthly news-stand magazine with info on all manner of Fortean subjects…

www.combat-diaries.thewhyfiles.co.uk   Colin Bennett’s new website relating to all manner of Forteana, as Colin says “It is I believe within your spectrum of interests..”


www.ceiv.co.uk    Music group with UFO & paranormal related songs & music. CDs available to buy on-line

www.dowsers.demon.co.uk    British Society of Dowsers

www.heavens-above.com    Data for the ISS, and Iridium, and satellites… by Chris Peat

www.the-insight.com   All things spiritual, health, religion & wellbeing